New Biogas CHP Units Offered by TEDOM

We expanded our portfolio with two biogas CHP units of the FLEXI line with an output of 250 kW and 265 kW respectively. They are aggregates of SCHNELL Company using the Scania DC 13 engine which are equipped with a technology of so-called passive pre-chamber. Because of this technology, the electrical efficiency of both CHP units reaches 42.5%, which makes them units classified with the highest electrical efficiency in their power class.
New Biogas CHP Units Offered by TEDOM

The SCHNELL CHP units were always a synonym for high efficiency. Originally dual fuel technology with a so-called ignition beam (Zündstrahl) based on diesel engines were used. However, the new SCHNELL CHP units make use of the spark-ignition engines while preserving high electrical efficiency.

Please download our leaflet with the CHP unit overview.

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