TEDOM energie enters the energy market for end customers in the Czech Republic

TEDOM acquired a 100% stake in the company FREE. Česká republika s.r.o., which was incorporated into the corporate structure under the name TEDOM energie s.r.o. This new company started selling electricity and gas to households and companies in the Czech Republic immediately after its establishment.
TEDOM energie enters the energy market for end customers in the Czech Republic

“This step is based on Tedom’s strong position in the energy business and its extensive know-how. The long-term strategy of the TEDOM Group was to become an overall supplier – from the production of energy equipment through its service, operation, to the sale of energy to households and companies, “says Igor Fait, owner of Jet Investment, which also owns TEDOM. The new company TEDOM energie will become a significant reinforcement for the Czech market affected by the energy crisis.

In TEDOM we believe in the development of decentralized energy, the approximation of production to consumption and the right of all – including small consumers or producers – to participate in the energy market. TEDOM wants to be the one who connects small producers and consumers and allows them to do so under transparent conditions. “Cogeneration units can be aggregated into so-called virtual power plants and thus respond flexibly to current electricity supply needs. We have developed a solution for small sources, where we can regulate supply and consumption. We see the future in this flexibility and respect for the environment, “adds Vladimír Hlavinka, CEO of TEDOM a.s.

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