TEDOM will supply CHP units for BOSCH Thermotechnik

TEDOM and BOSCH Thermotechnik have entered a contract for the supply of CHP units. The entire portfolio of Buderus Loganova units, under which BOSCH Thermotechnik has so far offered its cogeneration products, will be replaced by TEDOM CHP units.
TEDOM will supply CHP units for BOSCH Thermotechnik

The framework agreement between the two companies includes the supply of small and medium-sized CHP units running on natural gas with an electrical output of 30-530 kW. These units completely replace the current Buderus offer. Thanks to this new cooperation, Buderus will also be able to expand its portfolio and offer CHP units with lower and higher outputs.

A substantial part of TEDOM’s offer consists of newly developed units of the FLEXI series, which TEDOM launched in the first half of 2020. The new series of CHP units is the result of the work done by the joint development team of TEDOM Group in the Czech Republic and Germany.



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