#ThePowerOfHeat virtual conference

The annual conference #ThePowerOfHeat, organized by the European association Cogen Europe, took place on 18 and 19 of November 2021. The conference was attended by representatives of the European Parliament, as well as representatives of leading producers in the field of cogeneration and other experts in the field of energetics.
#ThePowerOfHeat virtual conference

The main topic of this conference was the European Green Deal, a set of European Union policy initiatives whose main goal is a climate-neutral Europe in 2050. The agreement is based on the Fit for 55 package, which contains legislative proposals in the fields of climate, energetics and transport.

According to individual speakers, cogeneration has an irreplaceable role in the transition to zero-emission energetics – based on renewable sources. “The cogeneration unit is an efficient, effective and flexible source of electricity and heat. It contributes to the decentralization of energetics, and in addition, it is an ecological alternative, for example, for decommissioned coal-fired power plants, which can be applied almost immediately. ”Said our CEO Vladimír Hlavinka at the conference.

“In addition, cogeneration can also offer so-called negative regulation in the case of overproduction of electricity from renewable sources, as it can be easily switched off. In many cases, the cogeneration unit also serves as a backup source of energy, because It can also work in the so-called island mode,” added Jiří Janša, Deputy Sales Director of TEDOM, in a discussion on the topic of the effectiveness of solutions that shall bring us closer to the 2050 goals.

Find out more here: https://powerofheat.eu/

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