We are ready for hydrogen

The majority of TEDOM CHP units is ready for co-firing a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas up to the maximum hydrogen concentration of 20%. TEDOM natural gas-fired CHP units are gradually being tested and a fuel change to a hydrogen mixture is possible without the need for major design modifications. In addition, there are no major changes in the technical parameters of the CHP unit when the fuel is changed.
We are ready for hydrogen

This is one of the next options to reduce emission levels while producing power from natural gas until a full transition to renewable resources and a clean, green hydrogen is possible.

What is green hydrogen

Hydrogen is considered the fuel of the future – it is available in almost unlimited quantities; it has a high energy density and it produces no emissions when burned. However, hydrogen does not naturally occur as a highly reactive element, so it must be obtained in targeted processes.

Several types of hydrogen are distinguished, according to the method and origin of its production. Most hydrogen today is extracted from fossil fuels while greenhouse gases are released. The long-term goal is therefore switching to so-called green hydrogen which is obtained from water through electrolysis for which only emission-free energy from renewable sources is used additionally.

Despite the undeniable advantages of green hydrogen, the lack of infrastructure and the high cost of its production, storage and distribution hinder its popular use. These days, one way to start using hydrogen is by blending it into natural gas. Up to its concentration of 20%, the existing gas piping can be used without the need for major modifications.

In addition to being well integrated into renewable energy systems, the CHP unit can already partially burn this renewable fuel, which is another undeniable advantage above and beyond its high efficiency and flexibility.

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