Industrial plant has chosen TEDOM Poland

At the end of 2020, TEDOM Poland has completed a project consisting of delivery, assembly and commissioning of a cogeneration system producing process heat, steam and electricity, at the industrial plant of Larkis Sp. z o.o. in Dobczyce, Poland. The TEDOM Quanto 400 CHP unit has replaced an old coal-fired boiler.
Industrial plant has chosen TEDOM Poland

Larkis is one of the leading Polish producers of moulded rubber and silicone products. The most important products include silicone profiles, silicone hoses and silicone gaskets. The main purpose of this project was to increase energy efficiency and thus to reduce the company’s operating costs.

TEDOM Poland also supplied a steam generator as a part of the installation. Exhaust gases generated by the unit are directed to this generator, which makes it possible to produce steam for the technological needs of the plant. With this solution, the client has obtained an additional source of energy in the form of saturated steam at a pressure of 7 bar.

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