TEDOM trigeneration in Poland is ready for operation

In industrial plants, which have a constant and relatively high demand for electricity and heat, cogeneration is an effective way to significantly reduce energy costs. It also provides industrial companies with flexibility and energy independence.
TEDOM trigeneration in Poland is ready for operation

At the Polish dairy in Wloscova, where we installed and prepared for operation the TEDOM Quanto 1000 CHP unit at the end of 2020, they decided to go one step further with cogeneration and connected an absorption cooling unit to our cogeneration unit. Thus, in addition to electricity and heat, the whole system, as a typical trigeneration, produces cold. In the future, the system is also ready for the production of technological steam.

The dairy consumes approximately 8,000 MWh of electricity per year. The cogeneration unit is therefore prepared for 8,000 hours of operation per year, including the necessary service interventions. Thanks to a solution from TEDOM and the high efficiency of the entire system, energy costs are much lower than payments for energy supplies from a local energy company. Of course, state subventions for efficient energy production, which has been in force in Poland since 2021 and which accelerates the return on the entire investment, also plays a major role in the return on the entire project.

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