Референції / Приклад з практики

Референції / Приклад з практики


As a flexible source of electrical and thermal energy, CHP units have a wide range of applications. In addition to the various fields of deployment, they can also burn various ...číst dále
Референції / Приклад з практики

More efficient power supply to the hospital in the city of Woodstock, Canada

Hospitals are certainly a suitable place for installation of cogeneration technology. These facilities have a high consumption of electricity and at the same time, due to their ...číst dále
Референції / Приклад з практики

Over 50 units for ENGIE Solution in France

We value the long term and successful partnership we have with Engie Solution on the French market. Recently, we commissioned the 50th CHP unit for this client since the beginning ...číst dále
Референції / Приклад з практики

Utilization of bio-waste with a positive impact on the environment and the local community in Liege, Belgium

The Ochain Energie biogas plant project could serve as a model example of how cogeneration can be optimally used in agriculture. The project had to overcome a large number of ...číst dále
Референції / Приклад з практики

Another Cento for ENGIE Solutions

One of the first units we put into operation at the beginning of this year was the TEDOM Cento 235 in Begles, France. We delivered this unit for our important partner and ...číst dále
Референції / Приклад з практики

Industrial plant has chosen TEDOM Poland

At the end of 2020, TEDOM Poland has completed a project consisting of delivery, assembly and commissioning of a cogeneration system producing process heat, steam and electricity, ...číst dále
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